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Each paycheck, most Americans place a significant amount of money into Social Security Disability. The problem is, however, that they do not understand the program and how it can benefit them. As disability lawyers in Charlotte, NC, we want to provide information to those seeking Social Security Disability benefits. On this page, we offer a substantial amount of questions and answers that can help you get the most from the Social Security Administration. Following are a variety of questions regarding Social Security Disability: What is the difference between SSD and SSI? Both Social Security Disability (SSD) and Supplement Security Income (SSI) programs are programs offered by the Social Security Administration. SSD is for workers who have suffered from a disability and paid into the Social Security system. SSI is for those who are disabled but have not worked enough to qualify for SSD benefits. Can my claim be approved during the first stage? Your claim for Social Security Disability benefits can be approved on the first time. Although more than 50% of claims are denied, by properly applying, you can obtain the benefits that you need on the first try. Many times, those who are denied were so based on a mistake of the Social Security Administration. Can I get workers’ compensation and SSD benefits? Yes, you can get benefits from workers’ compensation as well as Social Security Disability. Your SSD benefits will be reduced, but you can typically receive both. Our disability lawyers in Charlotte, NC can work hard to ensure that you obtain the maximum benefits possible. Do I have to be disabled permanently in order to qualify? No, you have to be expected to be disabled for at least a year. If your condition kept you from working for a year but you are now returning to work, you may still be eligible for benefits. It is important to speak with a disability lawyer in Charlotte, NC who can help you determine if you are eligible to receive Social Security Disability benefits.

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If you have more questions that have not been answered, we suggest that you take advantage of our legal services at the Law Office of Jack G. Lezman, PLLC Our disability lawyers in Charlotte, NC can provide you with the answers you need to effectively pursue the Social Security Disability benefits you need. It is important to retain experienced and aggressive legal service from our firm. With more than 15 years of experience, we can help you each step of the way. We can help you with your disability claim. Contact the Law Office of Jack G. Lezman, PLLC today to speak with one of our disability lawyers!
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